Browse our dog jewelry and see if anything catches your eye.
My momma makes the jewelry, giving a portion of every sale to Feed our Homeless Dog Friends!
Providing food for the companions of the homeless at the Casa Marie Soup Kitchen and also the Pima Animal Care Center, "PACC"

Mascot for
Jay's of Tucson
on a mission to make a better life for her friends that are homeless!
She invites you to come by and see her when you are in town.
Most Jewelry can be made to any length to fit your companion.
Blue & White Pearlized Glass with Blue Rhinestone Flower Drop ** $15.00
Blue, Teal & Lavendar Pearlized Glass with Diamond Rhinestone Dog Bone ** $15.00
Black Glass Beads & Black/White Foot Prints with White Ceramic Dog Bones ** $13.00
Glass Rubber Coated Beads, Crystal AB Beads with Blue Rhinestone Dog Bone ** $15.00
Red & Blue Glass Seed Beads, Pony Beads with Red/Black Ceramic Footprints & Blue Ceramic Bones ** $14.00
Pink, White & Black Glass Beads with Pink/Black Ceramic Footprints & Pink Ceramic Dog Bones ** $12.00
Buri Nut, Hematine Beads, Yellow, Orange & Blue Glass Beads with Red, Green, Black & Yellow Ceramic Footprints ** $15.00
Turquoise, Pink, Red Glass Rubberized Beads, White Ceramic Beads with Green Trim Silver Tone Drop ** $15.00
Purple Pearlized Glass Bead, Black Glass Seed & Lavender, Purple Glass Pony Beads, Purple/Black Ceramic Footprints & Purple Ceramic Bones ** $12.00
Crystal AB Glass Beads, Light Pink/ Dark Pink Rubberized Glass Beads with Pink Trimmed with Pink Trimmed Silver Tone Drop ** $15.00
White Glass Pearls Beads, Multi Color Glass Squares with Diamond Rhinestone Dog Bone Drop ** $18.00
White, Red Glass Pony Beads, Blue Glass Seed Beads, Red/White Glass Paw Prints, Blue Ceramic Dog Bones ** $12.00
Pink Glass Pearls, White Melon Mircle Bead, Rhinstone Rondells with Pink Rhinestone Star Drop ** $15.00
Red, Blue, White, Clear Glass Beads with Diamond Rhinestone Star Drop ** $15.00
Buri Nut, Hematite, Light Blue Glass Pony Beads, Ceramic Blue Bone, Yellow/Black Paw Print, Red Fire Hydrant ** $12.00
Glass Seed Beads, Blue/Black Ceramic Paw Prints & Blue, Light Blue Ceramic Dog Bone ** $14.00