Shelby Lynn Miller

Shelby is a purebred long haired mini-dachshund blessing the lives of her owners, friends, and everyone she contacts since January 22, 2007.
She is the mascot for Jay's of Tucson
and often visits the customers at the store.
She is an active member of the Desert Wiener Club, attending meetings and participating in the races and events.
Shelby's cause:
Feeding Homeless Dogs!

Her owner produces pins and magnets to sell so she can provide dog food for the homeless dogs.
They sell for $1.00 each, also accepts donations.
When in town stop by, say "Hi", take a look and help homeless' companions.
The food benefits the homeless friends that go to Casa Marie Soup Kitchen and also the Pima Animal Care Center, "PACC"

She invites you to come by and see her when you are in town.
Dog Jewelry
A portion of each sale going to Shelby's cause:
Feeding Homeless Dogs
Momma has Treats,
Yum! Yum!

A day of Shopping

!! Exhausting !!


My Best Friend!

(Also my Roomate)

Momma loves dressing me for the holidays!!


The Princess is in the house!
"Can't Help being so Adorable!"

My race is next!          

I Love Christmas time!


***Pretty dresses ***
*** friends stopping by with treats ***
*** and Toys, Toys, Toys***