Navajo Native American Arts


Navajo Ornaments

Pictured left to right

Lady in blanket $16.50; Girl in shaw $16.50;
Navajo Woman $19.50


Navajo Ornaments

Pictured left to right

Drum $9.00; Drum with feather $12.50; Navajo woman $19.50; Bow and arrow $16.50; Baby in blanket $16.50; Girl with wrap $16.50; Cradle board leather $26.00.

(All items are hand made and can vary in style and colors, leather type, feathers.)

Navajo Handmade Sheep: $15.00 - $49.50

1:Black Face Angora
2:All White
3:White Face/ Black Horn Angora
4:Grey Yarn Sheep
Sheep are made with real sheep wool, Angora sheep wool, and some use processed yarn.
(All items can vary in wool, color, and exact body style)

Navajo Rug Weaver Dolls $20.00

The rugs on the looms are made using the athentic weaving methods of full size rugs. They will all have some sheep wool on the base, shirts and skirts of the dolls will vary in material and design, as will the rug patterns varying with a variety of colors.

(These are hand made so will very in design and color of materials)

Navajo Cloth Dolls $9.00 and up

Pictured left to right:

Royal Blue Shirt Female/Male pair $16.50
Baby in wooden cradle board ornament $19.50
Green Shirt Female/Male pair $16.50

Dolls Approximately 10"

(All items are hand made and can vary in shirt color, skirt color, beadwork, and face design)
  More Coming Soon

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