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The Southwest Desert Collection

**Vision of Motion**

"If I can bring the viewer into a specific moment of an animal's life that I'm trying to capture, then I consider the scupture a success."

(Desert Heritage Designer)
A lifetime in the Southwest laid a strong foundation for the future sculptures of Jack Graham.
"Whatever level of emotion a work of art brings to the viewer owes largely to the success or failure of the artist to convey life and emotion to a static form. As a sculptor I believe that only through an injection of this 'vision of motion' can an artist trully put the light behind the eyes of his work."

-Jack Graham-

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Cacti are an American plant that occur in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
They survive in areas with long periods of drought. Most being succulents, meaning they have thickened, fleshy parts adapted to store water.
The spines are an adaption of leaves, which helps them conserve water.
Many of the fruits and leaves can be eaten, and some were used for medicimal purposes.
Saguaro's are a tree like cactus that can grow to over 70ft tall. When full grown it can absorb up to 200 gallons of water after a rain.
Arizona's state wildflower is the Saguaro Blossom.
They are native to four deserts:
Sonoran Desert in Arizona
Mexican State of Sonora
Whipple Mountains
Imperial County of California

Artist/Designer: April Romo De Vivar
"I draw upon the ancestral traditions of the people of the region for my inspiration. I like to wander through the villages, market places, and the old sacred sites to gather images inside myself. Each piece is my signature, recognizable and distinguishable from the thousands of other pieces made about the same subject. My joy comes from people recognizing the tradition hidden inside my latest piece of work"

-April Romo De Vivar-

"Life is chaotic, so I reach for serenity in the middle of it all," she says of her angels.
April refers to herself as a Folk Artist. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, where her personal interaction and love for the Native Americans of the Southwest has greatly influenced her artistic path. However, she grew up in Brazil, Mexico, and Honduras where she was inspired by the lively colors, music, and art of the Latin American culture.